We may not be a town, but we can act like one!

Amana Colonies Today 

This website is for people who live in the Amana Colonies

Check out the latest ASI Bulletin. The Bulletin is a pdf so please wait patiently for it to download. The longer it takes the more exciting the news!

Read the Amana Society Bulletin: December 7, 2017

Iowa County Property Owners
The following must be reported to the
Iowa County Assessor’s Office by January 8, 2018:
1.     Any construction started prior to January 1 (whether or not completed)
2.    New buildings
3.    Building additions
4.    Structural modifications
5.    Repairs over $2,500.00 per building per year
6.    Buildings removed or changes to a building condition.
Failure to report improvements may result in a 100% penalty.
 PO Box 347 Marengo, IA 52301


​ASI Trespass Permit and Regulations-Print and mail
Fourth of July was awesome!-Please consider donating to next year's the Fireworks Fund!
To contribute mail checks to
Amana Community Fireworks
PO Box 11
Amana, IA  52203

This site is for the people who live in the Amana Colonies. We aren't a town, but we can still act like one. This site is one effort to unite us and help us to feel more like a community even though we are spread over 25,000 acres and seven villages. We have a great community filled with wonderful people. Let's keep our home growing and going!

Please check out the facebook pages that exist for Amana activities and events-Amana Villages Community Group, Amana Heritage Society, Amana Church Sunday School, "Amana is Always Home" Amana Heritage, Amana Colonies and more!

If you are a visitor to Amana click here!

Contemplating a new construction project for your home this spring and summer check out the permit requirements. Get the scoop on local ordinances at the ACLUD website. http://www.aclud.org/
Remember that fences and remodelling may need a permit. Ask before you act!

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